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Auto Repair Raleigh / Auto Inspections / Auto Maintenance / Auto Mechanicals / Auto Belts

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Shop: 919.798.7070


Auto repair shop in Raleigh NC.
Repair, Inspections, Maintenance and more

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“When you think Auto Repair, Think Durango.

Located just off Capital Blvd across from Honda and BoJangles in North Raleigh area and just around the corner from Triangle Town Center Mall.  Be sure to check out our freebies and specials that save you money and provide unsurpassed car maintenance.  Bring your car in for repairs or develop and maintenance schedule to save money.

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“Auto Repair Raleigh”

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Call to Schedule: 919.798.7070

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Safety and Emissions

Safety Inspection for older vehicles and emissions inspections for newer.

To determine which type of inspection your car requires, call the shop and ask, we can schedule your appointment, get your inspection done and do any repairs you ask for.

Inspecting emissions and safety features is a law, but it’s a law that protects the air we breath and the safety of drivers on the road.  We all benefit from State Inspections.

Safety Inspection are for the outside mechanical functions require to safely operate the car, emissions inspection are for the engine and exhaust pollutants.  Older cars, as long as they are safe to drive and are mechanically sound, they will pass.  Emissions testing requires special computerized equipment, they will measure the exhaust quality of the car, the lower the emissions (within specs), the better the anti emission components are functioning.

NC State Inspections