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Auto Repair Raleigh / Auto Inspections / Auto Maintenance / Auto Mechanicals / Auto Belts

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Shop: 919.798.7070


Auto repair shop in Raleigh NC.
Repair, Inspections, Maintenance and more

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“When you think Auto Repair, Think Durango.

Located just off Capital Blvd across from Honda and BoJangles in North Raleigh area and just around the corner from Triangle Town Center Mall.  Be sure to check out our freebies and specials that save you money and provide unsurpassed car maintenance.  Bring your car in for repairs or develop and maintenance schedule to save money.

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“Auto Repair Raleigh”

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Call to Schedule: 919.798.7070

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Brake Repair / Replace / Inspection

Brakes and Brake Components

Check Your Brakes and Save…

Periodic Brake Inspections will Prevent Rotor Damage

Typically brake pads are the first to go, catching them and replacing them before they dig into the rotors is the key to saving money.

Listen for your wear indicator, car manufacturers design a wear indicators (most use a small wire that will touch the rotor) into the brakes, typically a high pitched squeal or other noise may be heard, this tells the car owner when the brakes are due and need to be checked for replacement.

Fortunately we have a “Freebie” for this.

Replacing brakes are standard maintenance items, replacing rotors can be avoided when you find an honest shop like ours.

What is a wear indicator?  My brakes squeal or make a very slight grinding noise, are they damaged?

Contact us for a consultation, we will answer all your questions.

Brake inspection is important, we understand the fear of thinking about getting your brakes inspected, you just know they will find something wrong.  Trusting a shop to give you an accurate assessment is crucial.

Our specialty is honesty and trust, building on that with each customer lets you know you only pay for what you need and understand what can wait.