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Auto Repair Raleigh / Auto Inspections / Auto Maintenance / Auto Mechanicals / Auto Belts

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Shop: 919.798.7070


Auto repair shop in Raleigh NC.
Repair, Inspections, Maintenance and more

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“When you think Auto Repair, Think Durango.

Located just off Capital Blvd across from Honda and BoJangles in North Raleigh area and just around the corner from Triangle Town Center Mall.  Be sure to check out our freebies and specials that save you money and provide unsurpassed car maintenance.  Bring your car in for repairs or develop and maintenance schedule to save money.

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“Auto Repair Raleigh”

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Check Engine Light

Turning off the Check Engine Repair Light

Checking your cars computer for error codes can be the most cost effective way to properly maintain and to save money long term.

Turning off your Check Engine Light is not nearly as important as what its telling you.  Fix the problem and the light will go out on its own.

Catching mechanical failures early is the key to proper maintenance…  We all know the light is annoying, but it’s there for a reason, bring it in, lets find out why and address the situation.

Cars are smarter today than they were only a few years ago, now they warn you when their is a problem, most of the time theCheck Engine Light engine light comes on before a complete failure of the part, preventing further engine damage.

Check engine lights are a critical function of the cars computer.

The important thing is finding an honest shop who will tell you exactly what you need and nothing more.

With our Auto Repair Shop in Raleigh location fully equipped, we have the right diagnostics to service your car.

All car today have check engine lights.  Imports and Domestics.  The computers vary depending on the extent of the ECU software, but they all have it.

Your car has many Check _____ Lights.