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Auto Repair Raleigh / Auto Inspections / Auto Maintenance / Auto Mechanicals / Auto Belts

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Shop: 919.798.7070


Auto repair shop in Raleigh NC.
Repair, Inspections, Maintenance and more

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“When you think Auto Repair, Think Durango.

Located just off Capital Blvd across from Honda and BoJangles in North Raleigh area and just around the corner from Triangle Town Center Mall.  Be sure to check out our freebies and specials that save you money and provide unsurpassed car maintenance.  Bring your car in for repairs or develop and maintenance schedule to save money.

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Call to Schedule: 919.798.7070

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Places for Oil Changes in Raleigh

Looking for a good oil change shop in Raleigh because, yes oil goes bad too.  As you drive, combustion deposits seep into your engine oil and degrades it over time.  It degrades because it’s the oil’s job to remove and hold these deposits in suspension, protecting the metal.  

The older the car, the more wear on the piston rings, the more wear on the rings the more combustion deposit get past and the quicker the oil degrades.

Oil is used to keep moving metal from physically touching, it gives those parts a cushion.  This cushion reduces friction and heat build up.  As oil is used and gathers debris and combustion deposits, it can reduce it’s effectiveness.

Oil change intervals can vary depending on the cars use, the quality of oil and the quality of the oil filter.  There are ways and products that increase this change interval.  Ask us about these options that save money and protect your engine.

Quick lubes and places like Jiffy lube will tell you to change your oil every 3000 miles but, with today's motor oil and technologies, 7500 miles is fine, but they want you ti visit them twice as often, so they say 3000.

We do oil changes as well and can inspect maintenance items for schedules and repair.  We only recommend items that are actually needed.

Hard to fins a shop you can trust these days, we build trust one customer at a time.

Oil Change Tip:  Use full synthetics and change less often, yes they are more expensive but, you save with the extended life.

Oil Change Shop