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Auto Repair Raleigh / Auto Inspections / Auto Maintenance / Auto Mechanicals / Auto Belts

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Shop: 919.798.7070


Auto repair shop in Raleigh NC.
Repair, Inspections, Maintenance and more

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“When you think Auto Repair, Think Durango.

Located just off Capital Blvd across from Honda and BoJangles in North Raleigh area and just around the corner from Triangle Town Center Mall.  Be sure to check out our freebies and specials that save you money and provide unsurpassed car maintenance.  Bring your car in for repairs or develop and maintenance schedule to save money.

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Water Pump Replacement

Water Pump Replacement Information

Water pumps circulate water in the engine, cooling the engine and circulating anti freeze.

There are recommended intervals to prevent failure with these parts also.  

Not sure your recommended interval?  We can look it up and be honest about when and why to replace.

Asking another shop?  Will you get an honest answer?  You will here...

Water pumps move water inside the engine block, as the water move our of the engine, it then move into the radiator to be cooled by outside air.  Thermostats set the water temperature by slowing the movement, the slower the movement, the cooler the water gets.

The best way to tell if your water pump is due to be replaced is the mileage schedule provided by the manufacturer, leaking around the pump and sometimes they even get noisy.  Typically noisy means the bearing is failing, after failure, sometimes the bearing stops squealing but it begins to leak, the leak will get worse and eventually overheating the engine will result.  Over heating can lead to head gasket failure, warped cylinder heads and more damage.